The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has recently released findings into drug usage in NSW.

The three following links are outstanding and highlight that the issue is now something which EVERYBODY in society needs to deal with.

Key findings from 2012 IDRS – inject drugs

EDRS: Criminal activity among ecstacy users

2012 EDRS: Ecstacy reemerges and different class of drugs




It’s clear that pretty much all sectors of society are in favour of some sort of change to the way we approach drugs. But it’s when the big names step up, that people actually take notice. This function highlights the dysfunction within our society, however you can only play the game within the rules. Richard Branson, owner of the hugely successful Virgin empire has highlighted the immense waste of time, money and ineffectiveness of the drug war and believes all drugs should be decriminalised. All these people in powerful positions state the truth  – even ex-government officials – yet the ones who are still in government, seem to ignore the truth. Stories like this can only add to our argument and their ignorance.

While Make Drug Media Accountable is still starting up  – there’s a few things followers and friends can do to keep the flow on effect of ‘MDMA’ continuing:

A few basic things users can do to start chnage

  1. Go out and purchase a test kit. Search eBay for ‘pill testing kit’ and you will find various auctions that are willing to accommodate any budget or need.
  2. Do not support dealers with bunk merchandise. The only reason this junk still exists is beause people still buy it. Pressers won’t make things people won’t by so make a stand!
  3. Be proactive about your friend’s behaviours and actions – don’t give MDMA a bad name
  4. Share this page, our Facebook and Twiteer with your friends and your networks – the more a following, the bigger the voice.

It’s clear the mainstream is starting to take notice, with running this story.

But when will everything change?

Every sector that has imput into this issue knows what needs to be done. It’s up to the politicians to do something..FOR ONCE!


What is it about ecstacy users that they will just eat a pill without knowing whats in it?
If it was anything else – in powder, all clumbed together, and all named – users wouldn’t be able to pronounce what they are consuming nor would they. But when presented in a nice, flashy, colourful pill – it seems that every single one will be the ‘same’. Clearly its not.

What makes this a more disturbing problem is the high level of consumers also consuming alcohol. The high rate of poly-drug use coincides the nightclubs and entertainment venues (generally public places) where the scare issue of prohibition forces people to consume almost immediately aftter purchase. As previously reported on other posts and on our Facebook and Twitter pages,  pills in the past year found around Australia contain substances such as heroin (an opiate), 2-CB (a hallucingoen), BZP (a piperazine) and PMA (a synthetic hallucinogen). All of these are extremely dangerous to mix with alcohol and generally account for nearly 30% of the standard spread of pills on the market any any time.

So why do people not care? Can you tell us. Have a look at this story and tell us if this fits in with your weekend?

We are back again for another update of what is going on with media and MDMA!

There was outrage this week from the UK, after a Channel Four show did a scientific experiment with live participants, highlighting the effects of MDMA, on live television.

Despite critics describing  it as ‘illegal’ and ‘shocking’, the show was a resounding success with  over 2 million viewers tuning in. The experiment highlighted the effects of MDMA on the healthy brain, with half the participants given a placebo pill and the other half, MDMA.  The results highlighted no negative effects and actually highlighted the medicinal properties available to patients from MDMA. This was exhibited in the follow up article after the show, found at

Despite critics saying the study glorified the drug – it didn’t. It clearly showed that people who take it aren’t criminals, nor do they behave like methamphetamine – affected  addicts (as most persons would assume).

And it all took place on your television. Media is moving in the right direction.

As we move into our warmer months – it is peak festival season.

With Defqon.1 Australia and Good Vibrations already done, its time to look forward to IQon, Parklife, Stereosonic and many more!

There are a few tips we want to give festival goers in the next few months to make sure that they keep themselves as safe as they can –

  • NEVER purchase substances inside the venue. This can be the catalyst for a bad day out. Not only are they extremely over-priced but consumers will continue to fund dangerous pills.
  • Entering festivals with illegal substances is a sure way to get charged and miss the festival. Do this at your own risk!
  • When drinking alcohol, be extremely careful if you are considering taking another substance.  We highly recommend you don’t even consider doing this – again at your own risk.

Even by following these basic tips, your festival experience will be enhanced majorly.


It’s a gratifying feeling when the entire basis of your organisation – is shared by someone on the other side of the globe.

We have stumbled upon a great article by the Guardian, outlining the idea that newspapers are the danger to a nations mental wellbeing. Charles Brooker takes a look at the issue from a particularly common viewpoint and effectively creates a well-defined argument.

The article, which can be viewed here   clearly shows that this is a GLOBAL issue.  But its a global issue that effects us nationally here in Australia.

When will people begin to listen? Are we that stubborn and ignorant that we cant see what’s plainly in our view?

Only time and people power will make change!

Welcome back for another update from Make Drug Media Accountable.
There has been alot of development and progression in drugs research over the last month, with a particular focus on the democractic way of approaching drugs within a political system.

This has been highlighted by two articles. The first one came to light from the recent Australia21 Report, a collection of research, thoughts, opinions and recommendations from leading experts in law enforcements, politics, health and criminal justice system personnel from the last 20 years.

The article, which can be found at – – highlights cannabis and ecstacy as the two drugs that should most be regulated.  This point of view is widely regarded as supported – not to mention that five years ago, such remarks would have been considered ‘irresponsible’ and ‘stupid’.

The article was supported by Dr. Richard Horton, who writes an opinion piece, using his own personal experiences with his family to illustrate that despite his professional experiences, his views as an ordinary citizen and feelings associated with that – would have the way drugs were approached changed –
So what can we take from these articles? We can take away that the media is now – willing to engage in public debate and engagement with the issue. This is compounded by how writers and experts are now willing to voice their opinions and views on the issue, which will  no doubt make our voices louder.

Until next time.

In line with seasonal change, it has become apparent the manufacturers of ‘ecstacy’ are taking advantage. And they are being ignored by the people who we put in power to protect us from these threats.

The first case was exhibited in Queensland, with the fatal drug, PMA, being the main substance within a Louis Vuitton press:

The second case was only a few weeks later on the Central Coast of NSW:

Both pills have caused multiple fatalities in each state as well as causing an alarming rise in hospital admissions.

Both articles provide a decent amount of information, however there is little harm minimisation benefit. This is particularly evident in the second article, released by the NSW Police. It is clear that they have no idea regarding the substance – however it is clear it is not MDMA. On a better note, at least they acknowledged the seperation between ‘ecstacy’ and MDMA!

The press turned out to be Pink Facebooks – however the NSW Police never disclosed this. This information was found only because of an user report on Pill Reports, warning users of the dangers. It is clear that a policy of NSW Police to not name the press or any identifiying features – so that they can potentially ‘scare’ people into not taking any pill – at all. This highlights the ‘prohibititive’ stance of the federal and state governments and law enforcement agencies that are again counter-productive becuase people will still take them.

Making oblivious people less knowledgeable puts lives at risk. And we need to do something about it!